Dalmally Historical Association was founded by Helen Baney in January 1981 with the purpose of furthering research into the history and archaeology of the Parish of Glenorchy and Inishail.


Trevor Baney | honorary archivist

Steve Beesley | chair
Jenni Beesley | secretary
Colleen Brown
Jess Dinning | archivist
Liz Gaffney
John Kerr
Billy O’Brien
Rae | vice chair
Neil Smith | treasurer

Trevor Baney

by Dalmally Historical Association as part of The Salt of the Earth project | DALMALLY PEOPLE 02.03.99

Trevor talks about his life. Recorded in 1999 as part of the Millenium Project, ‘Salt of the Earth’.

Trevor Baney      29.10.35 ~ 26.04.20

Trevor Baney was a founding member of the Dalmally Historical Association and for a time, its chair.  Husband to Helen Baney (whose idea it was to form the DHA). Trevor leaves behind loving wife, Jenni, two daughters and three grandchildren. He was a wonderful human being and he will be deeply missed by family and friends alike.

We are deeply grateful for the many hours of work Trevor has put into the association over the years. 

He was an exceptional character, a man of great dignity, kind and generous, diligent and faithful. He played an extraordinary role in making Dalmally what it is today through his endeavours with various groups and organisations.  Some of our members knew Trevor for many years and knew him as a dignified, gracious human-being and a great friend. 

We will be remembering him collectively when it is possible to gather post-Coronavirus.